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December 2018

— It's a bad idea. Consider moving stuff used both by main and port_setup into a third module.


If Im doing
what is the timeout for that? i want to wait for data a lot of time (days ot something like that)

— Ok

— Sorry

— Damn,
i have a mainwindow widget in main file (and some more main obj like ssh connection and more..) that i must that all win will know him.
In the other hand i wanna model my code to sub file that will be include in main.

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— Hello! Do you know Russian groupp of python? I can't find ;(

— Thank you)

— Augmented reality education
Chemistry 😍

— Dont do that please, use offtopic

— Guys

— Prakash:
How to storee form data to db?

— Give more context, so we can understand what do you want to do