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December 2018

β€” Plz help meπŸ˜”


Im gonna rebump this cos its daytime now. For me its a serious problen. Would you advice using rather a temporary folder?

β€” Ok, i got an strange problem
the name of a file is shortened if it has an underscore

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β€” Google or duckduckgo

β€” There is not a solution to my problem there

β€” Either is not here. Its also offtopic.

β€” Ok

β€” Yo guys. any django dev from flask here. I was thinking of trying it bcz i can't find jobs for flask T_T

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β€” How to deploy a ML model using Flask RestFullApi for globally(not on local host).
Please share any code sample if you can?

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β€” What is statistical bands?

β€” Don't post photos of screen

β€” Yes