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December 2018

— Uyy7yuyyyyq


Do you need books ? read this ^ & channel info >
do you wonder what meta question is ? read this ^
do you speak ingurishi ? use google translate and read this ^

— Thx

— Hey everyone
I'd like to create a telegram bot which is able to recognize the text
I can't find any decent articles on how to do it
does anyone know where I can read about it?

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— Try the python-telegram-bot

— !ptb

— Can somaone Pls wxplain me in simple aords what is the minning of —windowed in pyinstaller?
(didnt get it from the manual)

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— The second parameter should give you a hint

— Although I'm no pyinstaller expert

— But from what I understand, your installer will have a window, not a console installer


— Using the --console one will open an ms-dos window or a terminal