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December 2018

β€” monospace


Sometimes the best solution is the simple one, no need for overcomplicated logic if you can solve it in a simple way

β€” Yes True 😊

β€” I can’t wait to start my undergraduate degree in CS

β€” Good luck

β€” How i can get specified of list by slicing?
I have data from html and i need link but just one.
html = """
<div class="lineone">
<div class="linetwo">
<div class="liner"><div class="name">Some title</div><div class="listlink"><b>LINK</b><p><a href="">Named</a> <a href="">named1</a> <a href="">named3</a> <a href="">named4</a></p></div>

i just need one link by one named
e.g named3

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β€” is also an amazing place to learn python as well machine learning and data science

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β€” Uyy7yuyyyyq

β€” Do you need books ? read this ^ & channel info >
do you wonder what meta question is ? read this ^
do you speak ingurishi ? use google translate and read this ^

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β€” Thx

β€” Hey everyone
I'd like to create a telegram bot which is able to recognize the text
I can't find any decent articles on how to do it
does anyone know where I can read about it?

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β€” Try the python-telegram-bot