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December 2018

β€” πŸ‘


import datetime
def compare_month_day(dob: str, case_dob: str) -> bool:
parse_template = "%Y-%m-%d"
_dob = datetime.datetime.strftime(dob, parse_template)
_case_dob = datetime.datetime.strftime(case_dob, parse_template)
if == _case_dob.month:
return True

return False

β€” Did I understand you correctly?

β€” I tried this but what is case_dob has masked year

β€” Case_dob could be like "****-04-27" - year masked. In this case compare month and day. If month and day are same - return True. Otherwise False.

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β€” I am stuck here ?

β€” Try making 3 different if statements

β€” One for the year
One for the month
One for the day

β€” If it’s masked/true, move to the next one

β€” Otherwise just return false

β€” Okay I'll try

β€” Ok, if year is masker you can use split for string if structure not changes