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December 2018

— Have you noticed the difference?


So 5.5 a not incorrect form? a float 5.5 can and a str 5.5 cant. is there any chance the python can tell the dot "."from str? maybe python sentenced the dot to be and only can be a full stop?

— a is a str... you can't cast a str without knowing what it contains, see this:

— Thx cj,you blow my mind.i think you help me find the right answer. stupid python haha

— Python is not stupid 🤣

— This error drive me out of sleep all night. its past 4 am in china. now i could relax and have a nice dream. thx everyone.

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— Yawn. That again.

— Hello friends

— Anyone tell me a easy way to learn full python

— Theres no easy way or magical recipe

— There isn't easy way or best way, each one has to find its own best way

— Make a human sacrifice and get a python tattoo using the blood of a virgin girl who works in the deep coal mines of Africa

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