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December 2018

— It bugs me for 1.5 hours. I tried to google that but didn't find anything


That error is in the line 238 in the file, you showed a code with only 55 lines...
also it says you're passing an object that doesn't have an attribute params, maybe you have to debug that other file first

— I just found that patched shutil is faster than light

— I'll send a full code in a second

— Here it is:

— I tried to debug the file but it didn't help

— Looks like you're passing invalid arguments to summary_col function, you'd better take a look to the documentation, maybe you can find something about it

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— I thought about that but I've tried different code samples from the net and every one of them gives the same error

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— Https://

— I just have copied almost everything from here

— Hi everyone.i am a beginning learner of python.i just write 2 versions of very simple codes for the same stupid purpose. one is operatable.the other is not.i cannot figure out why.anybody here can help me?

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— A lot of people will be willing to help you
But they would need to look at the code...