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December 2018

— Hello Guys..
Has anyone worked or have idea on aspect based sentimental analysis for Text Data in Python?

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Good afternoom guys, can you help me? I'm try list some system in Django with the URL patch('site/'...)
patch('site/<str: sistema>/'...)
patch('site/<str: sistema>/<str:sub_sistema>')/'...)

But this return error. Do you know how do this?

— What error does it return?

— …programming…

— Correct, my bad

— But anyway

— That error is in your view not in the URLs

— Don't post photos of your screen

— I'm just from the league of justice

— This message also not intended for me

— I have an android app that turns on and off a IOT device I want to schedule this task using a timer in the app so that even if I close the app and when the time triggers the IOT device should turn On

Hope I am clear

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— I don't know how to use python for this task can some one help