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December 2018

— Me too*


Thanks a lot. Most of these resources may not be tailored for school age children we intend to teach. If you've taught Python to kids before, what other recommendations would you suggest?

— Real python by danbader is also best online resource

— There's this book, dive into python 3, which you can find in pythonres
I really find it good, you just have to translate it to kids.

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— Https://

Here are some interesting things I guess, some are old as I can see, but maybe helpful

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— I hope that helps :)

— Automate the Boring stuff with Python

— That can really get them motivated.

— Btw, if you're a teacher, bad job not doing your own research by yourself and just complaining about people recomendations

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— 👌

— And its on pythonres

— But people fail to read stuff