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December 2018

— PLS help


How to correct make post request qiwi api for transfer to card? i read documentation but not understand

— I can fin the first elment of sequens but then

— Even though i have 4 columns, still ds.shape is showing (53,1) , and iam not able to acces the column through column name

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— A complete "library" with a bigger purpose than being a shortcut for some operations

— Oh you want to debug on the phone right?

— Anyone has a good guide for using cx_Freeze?
I managed to make the exe though im missing aome things.
For example it cant find or do my ssh connection im using paramiko package..

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— Did you try THE INTERNET?

— Is there a well known problem of paramiko with cx_Freeze?

— Asking for recommendations:

Hi everyone, I'm interested in teaching Python programming language to school children between the ages of 11 to 16 years old and I wish to have anyone recommend good material and a curriculum (template) written in English language for this task.

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— pythonres

— For the curriculum template, just google "creative Resume templates with LaTex"