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December 2018

— Http://


Can Somebody shed some light on these ?
•def f(a, L=[]):
return L
•def f(a, L=None):
if L is None:
L = []
return L

— I need a help (file mode write / read/ create/ and so on )
Please tell me ho to combinate them?

— What's a purpose ?

— Emacs with anaconda mode

— To open a file and display all the data

— Who has questions and Answers for Andela?

— Does anyone have any experience with android app development in python? I've done a little tax calculator as a project and wanted to make it into an app for my phone. Would kivy be the best route?

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— U can used open(file,'r') to see data

— I was just asking if people actually use it...

— I didn't want to program ON the phone but to the phone, if that makes sense...

— If I'm typing, I'm on a computer....