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December 2018

— I just can't understand.
I am reading big csv-file (1GB)
working with it, cleaning it, then writing a new csv.
The new one weighs 17 GB.

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Bigger file:
Size: 7 266 000 bits
Size on disk: 7 266 304 bits

Size: 14 532 002 bits
Size on disk: 14 532 608 bits

A significant difference so unless you really need a bigger encoding, don't use it on large files. UNLESS YOU NEED IT.

— Yes, I got it

— Thanks

— Should try writing the file with another encoding

— Sure. Try it and tell us if there is a difference. By the way it's an off topic topic. The admins will soon point that out.

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— Write a python program which accepts a string which contains the First name and last name separated by comma.

Print Full name on the Screen,where First name should be in upper case and Last name in lower case and with a space between them.
Ravi, Srivastava
Output -
RAVI srivastava

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— Ans please???

— This group is for help, not for doing homework

— Any Help in that Problem?

— Try writing the code.

— If you get stuck, then ask.