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December 2018

— I do not know hehe


Ok. I made a text file.
Encoding ANSI:
Size: 4 325 bits
Size on disk: 8 192 bits

Encoding UTF-8:
Size: 4 328 bits
Size on disk: 8 192 bits

Size: 8 652 bits
Size on disk: 12 288 bits

— There is a difference

— Same text content

— I'll now enlarge the file content

— Thanks

— I just can't understand.
I am reading big csv-file (1GB)
working with it, cleaning it, then writing a new csv.
The new one weighs 17 GB.

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— Bigger file:
Size: 7 266 000 bits
Size on disk: 7 266 304 bits

Size: 14 532 002 bits
Size on disk: 14 532 608 bits

A significant difference so unless you really need a bigger encoding, don't use it on large files. UNLESS YOU NEED IT.

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— Yes, I got it

— Thanks

— Should try writing the file with another encoding

— Sure. Try it and tell us if there is a difference. By the way it's an off topic topic. The admins will soon point that out.

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