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December 2018

— Take a peek, guys


Guys a problem in writing an array and a list to a txt file using numpy.savetxt


'tt' is a list and
'yf_abso' is a numpy.ndarray

when we put each of them alone, as argument for numpy.savetxt, it is working and the contents are written to the txt file... but when I put them together I'm getting an error as follows

TypeError :Mismatch between array dtype ('|S32') and format specifier ('%.18e %. 18e')

how can we fix this? I just need to write the contents of the list and the array to txt file, with the first column as tt and second column as fft_abso.

please suggest.

— No

— What is funky is your indentation

— Nop use readline() instead,, dont misuse threads😃

— Readline() is ancient. just iterate over the handle.

— How can i handle multiple websockets and save them open for long time?
Im using websockets library.

— I still use it though

— As for memoization, cachetools worked great for me

— Use
From functools import lrucache
Use it as a decorator,,, it helps in memoization and its easier actually

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— But if your function isn't an expensive function then no need of using lrucache

— Yep