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December 2018

— No. now gtfo.


I forgot to mention that to the guy, i just made his shit work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
if you're worried about the "right way to do it" (or "normal person"-way like you said) then just reply to him, not me

— How many threads shold be the max in threading?

— Depends on the cores of your CPU and the threading in each one, for example 8 or 16 or even 32

— Ok, but I do it with a list or no?

— So its the same 1000 and 32?

— The right amount for the workload

— I have to theck over 5k proxies, should I use os.cpu_count()? or a high num in the for range?

— Any one have maid a major project for final year, I paid

— Guys If I have to read a file liine by lane, should I use threads there? or all the threads would be taking the same line?

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— Oh, the famous 0.1+0.1+0.1 != 0.3 is it?)

— Wat