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December 2018

β€” I'm wrong: πŸ™ˆ form tkinter import ttk β€”-> import tkinter as tk. Thanks everyone


I have 2 years of telecom experience in HFC projects, but recently I have quit my job! I'm particularly interested in Networking but, as heard from seniors and colleagues IoT will have bright future. Yes I have done research and found few details like IoT has a combination of hardware, software, networking...

So, I want to get a job in networking whether in IoT domain(networking) or Completely in pure networking(CCNA, CCNP)?

β€” Cisco's courses are the best and more profitable

β€” Regex

β€” !offtopic

β€” Thanks for answering,but i got my result with rsplit

β€” Why are you using python2?

β€” Scientific calculation

β€” I use python 3.6 and pythm. Pycharm is good, but the computer is running a little slower😞

β€” The same

β€” Are you using it on windows?

β€” Yes