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December 2018

— You can make awesome project controlling everything from mobile or website

or automate stuff


Projects like to display live suscriber count of t series on a display is easy with raspberry pi and python

— And bit hard with other modules like esp32 and esp8266 etc

— Hi

— How can i make some data science projects using anaconda as a beginner

— Which will help me in future

— I have not work with esp32
can you give description of that?

— Message me in personal

— Ok

— Hi... I'm trying web scraping. I wish to create a data frame for a tabular data in webpage.
Why does my
df=pd.DataFrame(text, columns=2)
doesn't work giving an error as

ValueError: DataFrame constructors not properly called!

where I've imported pandas as pd.

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— Hello,
i have issue to remove specified string,ex i have one line

e.g: https://xxxx/zzzz/yyy.png1234w

how i can removed string after ".png" meant "1234w"

Im tried using rstrip but didn't work

Thanks for answering

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— I've tried solutions from stackoverflow, but none worked for me.