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December 2018

— I wasn't talking about piracy?


Anyways, If anyone was looking for a good book. I'd recommend Rob Miles - Begin to code with Python. He also has a book on c# and was a lecturer at the uni I'm at for quite some time. He's building robots atm - check out hullpixelbots.

— Can anyone explain me why 0.1+0.2-0.3 does not equals 0

— Which json parser & validator offline program do you recommend me to use?

— That's how computer works. it's not fault of python

— Because they are not exactly 0.1 and 0.2 etc....

— The computer reads it as 0.1000000000000000001 for example

— Mind inputing brackets i.e (0.1+0.2)-0.3 to see if it works

— Stores*

— No it won't work

— To make it work you have to round the numbers

— You must never compare equality with float number