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December 2018

— Ya that would make it heavy


What about having a server and putting the code there ,then would it work if I just share the URL with the users ?

— Or may be some application on flask or dzango

— Flask and django is backend, imo it would be better a simple web with JS

— Can anyone help to speedup this code? (is hashbin), I cant use threads or process since pycurl dont let me

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— Can we chat offline on this I. Details ?

— I mean one to one chat ?

— LCM. Nice one.

— If u know answer than send it.....

— Ditto

— Hey guys pls pls help me i want learn python .... if you know some good tutorial video pls atach the link of videos ......tnks 👍👍👍👍👍

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— Nothing is better than coursera " python for beginners "