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December 2018

— Nice homework. do it.


Friends I need some advice ,I create reports in cognos ,I want to do the same with python ,so basically I want to create the report with python and share the reports with users although I don't want them to install python or run the python codes ,they are all business users and just need the click select filter option without additional installation ,Can somebody help me how can this be done ?

— Os?, if it´s win you can compile in exe, you have to know that it will be very heavy for the line u got, since it has to have an interpreter inside

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— Windows 7 and few users might have win 10

— You can use pyinstaller to convert a py file to exe

— Ya that would make it heavy

— What about having a server and putting the code there ,then would it work if I just share the URL with the users ?

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— Or may be some application on flask or dzango

— Flask and django is backend, imo it would be better a simple web with JS

— Can anyone help to speedup this code? (is hashbin), I cant use threads or process since pycurl dont let me

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— Can we chat offline on this I. Details ?

— I mean one to one chat ?