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December 2018

— That python reference on a game i'm playing


#py list1=[14,2,4,56,7,8,5]
def top2(list1):
big = list1[0]
i = 1
big = list1[i]
i = i + 1
return big
who knows why there is error with if

— Could I ask here about python regex?

— !meta

— <= in while

— How can I read a line and substitute it, I wanna do it in a txt with all the lines

— Hi
Witch visual tkinter designer can I use

— Hi

— I have a question

— You r given two numbers a,b and you have to find smallest no. that is divisible by all the numbers between a and b.

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— RIP GUIDO 😑😑😑😑

— 😂