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December 2018

β€” If you have two vars, there is a 50% chance of using the wrong one


Okay figure that out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚an easy way is to compare each value you iterate from the first value to the last value in the list then compare the values eg
Then if that's is true store the larger value in a temp variable then keep comparing the the other values using the temp variable if a number i

β€” That python reference on a game i'm playing

β€” #py list1=[14,2,4,56,7,8,5]
def top2(list1):
big = list1[0]
i = 1
big = list1[i]
i = i + 1
return big
who knows why there is error with if

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β€” Could I ask here about python regex?

β€” !meta

β€” <= in while

β€” How can I read a line and substitute it, I wanna do it in a txt with all the lines

β€” Hi
Witch visual tkinter designer can I use

β€” Hi

β€” I have a question

β€” You r given two numbers a,b and you have to find smallest no. that is divisible by all the numbers between a and b.

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