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December 2018

— Stupid typos tend to do that. use pylint.


Bro... I respect this project. But if it is free to download why was he asking people to dm him if they want password to the archived image?

— #offtopic
Who knows channels in telegram about hacking/cybersecurity? Give me link please.

— 😑

— He's using multiple accounts too

— Guys help me to do my homework from python pls

— Pls help me ! Today is deadline

— Using repeat structure? What? Does python have repeat???

— As I know it has only for and while, am I right?

— Yes we begin to learn pyhton from yesterday

— I dont know exactly

— But(someone correct me if I am not right), say to who has given you this homework that python doesn't have repeat(also using brackets in while is not neccesary)

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