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December 2018

— Thanks I’ll try 😁


When i start learning python , i create a auto sign in for attendance at my workplace , when i open my laptop , its detect name of network that i connected and it will sign in and update my attendance

— But, do you need python to do that?

— Is it worth to automate a 1 minute process?

— Yes because its not one minute process haha because after i login i need to fill my current location etc , and basically im always forgot to login to update my attendance

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— So i just want to solve my problem where im always forgot to login and update my attendance

— What a strange process

— ðŸ˜…😅😅

— Yeah my company a little bit oldschiol

— Its cheaper to put a remainder

— Im doing for learning purpose

— You can also add one thing that it will automatically mail you after updating attendence