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December 2018

— Yes


with open (filename.txt) as f:
lines =f.readlines()
for line in lines :
values = line.split()
for value in values:

— Also you can use pandas

— Easier

— I did that too, but I could find a way to assign the values of each column to each variable...

— But each column will have an index... why are you having a problem?

— I need a code that reads each column value to a variable.

— Https://

see the first example... if you have 10 columns, you'll just have to do something like this..
variableOne = row[0]
variableTwo = row[1] and so on...

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— Thank you... i will read it and try and come back.

— Hello! How use google speech api, please message me

— Eeeew python 2

— Kek