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December 2018

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Phani Datta Reddy:
Guys I'm very much interested to learn Python.... Could you please suggest me the best websites to learn Python coding

— Https://

— Yeah... I also want to know the which websites /video's recommend for us To learn python

— Https://

— Hey

— .:
hello.... I'm quite new to python, I have a serious problem in extracting data from a txt file. Please assist.

I have a txt file with 10 columns and nearly 1000 raws, separated by space.

each raw is a value for variables a1, a2,...., a10 which we want to use in a loop.

I'm looking for a simple code that read each line, and assigns each value to the respective variables so that I can store it in a list.

I have read many tutorials and can't do this. This is essentially simple, can anyone please help? what I'm doing now is that I split the text file into many text files each containing just one column and using the following code

>>> xx=[]
with open (filename.txt) as f:
for line in lines :
xx.append(line) <<<

Can anyone tell me an easier command to do the same, without manually splitting the txt file?

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