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December 2018

— Vinay Chaudhari:
For production of machine learning web app which should you prefer for beginners ?

And why ?

1) Flask
2) Django

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I am good in programming which is good to me in data science as a beginer, ml or visualization or automisation

— Go with Django

— Why ?

— Does it easy to implement with ML models ?

— It comes with features like ORM and its easy to organize the application. Most of the features will be prebuilt for example if your web application is REST then you can use Django-rest-framework. It has tons of features. like to validate and serialize your API request we have serializers. It also comes with prebuild views (ModelViewSet, ReadOnlyModelViewSet, ListAPIView etc..) which will make the effort low.
It has a prebuilt admin panel for managing database and to test the API you can use django-rest-framework's default API web view.

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— Yes it is

— Any suggestions?

— Thanks 😃 TITUS

— pythonres

— This might help, Simplilearn has good tutorial videos:

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— Cn i dm to u..,