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December 2018

— VS Code and Atom are not IDEs


Hi mates, I have a list
and i want to apply a calculation to list and generate a sublist with the result of this calculation. How can I do so?
For example sum 1 to each element of the list and produce a new list that will be:

— And IDLE is the integrated IDE that comes with python installations mostly on Windows, it can be installed on Linux and MacOS too

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— Thank you very much in advance any advice highly appreciated.. may be dumb question, is hard to me to figure out

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— You want to generate a new list, not a sublist 🤔

— True

— Generate a new list with the result of the calculations

— What did you try to do so far?

— In the same order, etc

— Show your code

— Yes 1 moment

— S/is .*/is an abomination that shouldnt be used/