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December 2018

— I think will help


Above is my code and the output. But i can't figure out how to make the lines go beyond the borders of the text widget. Can any one help me. I don't want a line to break, I want it go beyond (limitless if necessary)

— You mean, you don't want line to be word wrap, right?

— Exactly, I've tried to set wrap to NONE but it doesn't work either

— Ye i think you need to add a scroll bar for that to work, if i remember tkinter had it, or if you want the window to open according to text length, then u must ovveride default windows size

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— There's an horizontal scroll bar in there at the bottom, but it doesn't work, I guess because the line get wrapped

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— Check the docs man try other wrapping options that are available and mix things up, you have most of the work done. (Scrollbar, windows size, and wrapping)

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