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December 2018

— Guys tell me about data camp? Worth it? I’m beginner in programming
Only have experience in SQL


I would say you to experiment by yourself and set goals. For me this kind of events are stressful and waste of time if you don't have adequate background. But if the events are focused on start from begining and no prior knowledge is needed then is cool for build good bases

— Thank you

— Nvm, is good to set goals and progress step by step. Maybe some data camps are meant for total beginers others for persons with certain levels of programming background.. It depends but personaly I like to learn by myself the things i need to learn for achieve the goals I set. I use StackOverflow, this groups of programming where kind fellow programmers are wiling to help u if you provide quality information about the subject you are working on, and a lot of trial and error of course.

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— My goal is to dive into data analysis
I have finance background eventually.
But learning it only for myself
It was also with sql which I have trained in online aggregate - SQLbolt

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— Data analysis is an extensive subject

— It has a lot of faces

— You should focus on a branch of this wider discipline and set little goals until you figure out the whole concept you want to master

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— Maybe this is more pythonofftopic

— I am trying to write some code to keep a track of bills, hit a brain fart trying to implement it changing over to the next year, would anyone be able to help me? Can show code to clarify

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— Thank you
I appreciate that

— I'm a begginer to this...