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December 2018

— Guys, did someone create tg bots with control panel? What is better for the panel Flask?


The difference is one you already know. When you do FROM a IMPORT b you import only b. There is no involvement of a after that.
You dont have to do a.b.func().
Whereas if you do import a or import a.b.func()
You have to call it by the name a.b.func() every time.(unless of course you use AS command.)
In general if you only want specific parts of a big package, you should use from and if you need a bigger package you should use import x as smthing

— Is anyone there knows php?

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— HELP, HELP !!!
Hello, pythonists!
Above is a screen(tkinter text widget) in which I insert some text. The text come from an sqlite3 database associated to the program. Each row(line) consists of more than 15 columns, made up of a number(id), fullname, address, email, etc. My challenge is that I want the column that follows the fullname column to start at the index right after the longest name, no matter in which row the name is.
Is there any option of function I can use to do this, I need your help, pease.

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— pythonrules

— VM

— See str.ljust and str.rjust

— Sorry i didnt get your point

— Can i pm you ???

— Thank you very much, brother. You have helped me alot, I've fixed it already.

— Hello everyone are there anyone who used python with 3D slicer? I need a plug in that save 3d segmentation? Thank you

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