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December 2018

β€” Does not print it, and "is" is wrong


Please help me by filling this πŸ˜„ its for my academic assignment on HR Analytics

β€” How can i replace a printed item?

β€” How can you what?

β€” Can you suggest any alternative source for learning ? I'm using online python compiler.

β€” pythonres

β€” Hello!
How to pass default parameters in namedtuples?

β€” Hello. Googled it for you:

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β€” Hi all. I have a windows game and I set to color background is White. but when i run don’t show white color

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β€” And don’t the image ship.png on screen

β€” Why is everybody pasting images with code? πŸ˜•

β€” Because they want us to be very sad.