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December 2018

— l = list(s); del l[2]; print('\n'.join(l))
still useless, but way more concise


I see,btw i was experimenting with examples in programmiz and didn't think of concising it.

Got your point btw and till now i haven't come to join function there at programmiz tutorials.

— Hi all

— Need ur help on python

— Hello

— I want to rename a file in s3 bucket using python

— Please help me

— Any source code?

— If u already did this part..

— This is more concise:
[x for w, x in enumerate(input()) if w is not 2]

— Hi guys. Newbie here. Need a programmer who can built a fully functional web based crypto bot. Details to be discussed when you PM me. Thank you

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— Does not print it, and "is" is wrong