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December 2018

— Yes, practice practice practice


Hello everyone ,
I need to design a question answering system(there a text and from text I will guess the answer) by Python and nltk , but I do not know how I will start and what I need . Can I one help me , any references ,books , videos and steps?
And thanks .

— Yup ! 😊😄

— Nice pp

— With the Frontend collecting training data

— Hello. I kindly need a python network programming .docx or .pdf thanks in advance.

— Let me 🦆 DuckDuckGo that for you:
🔎 Python network programming

— Thanks.

— Print("Hello World")
for var in s:
if i==2:
print('here it stops') here val also works in var ,why ? and any theory nehind this, without introducing any objectname in earlier code

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— Unable to do that, could you share a pic doing that ?

— Guys i want to know is there any way where we can retieve data from postgresql database and use this data through aiohttp as web response

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— Good afternon