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December 2018

— Same though tho


Ok, now that i know that i can create a temporary file, copy another file over it, use it in a command, save the output in another temporary file and return one to frontend and delete both im happier

— U can just go have good cup of coffee instead and forget computers ever existed, why the headache.

— Because i have to get a bit crazy if i want not to manage files manually

— Lol

— Also because i have to run a script from a frontend to server and back to frontend with the output

— But being a programmer already puts u in the crazy and obsessed category, anw happy it worked out for ya

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— Well, im just thinking about the things, i haven't implement it yet

— Exactly what i’m talking about.

— I have for instance solved a case in which i didn't need to mess up with temporary shit

— I followed a tutorial to make a pdf in which i didnt need to buffer my pdf to a file, just send the object

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— Too many tuts out there for almost anything