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December 2018

— 👍🏽 okay thanks


I want to extract the email from a TripAdvisor listing, where there is an onlick event that opens the default email application. What is the best way to extract it?


<span class="taLnk" onclick="placementEvCall('taplc_location_detail_contact_card_ar_responsive_0', 'handlers.trackEmailClick', event, this, 'xxx');">Email</span>

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— That's how the html aspect of it looks where the

changes upon load

— Https://

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— That's the sample link.

— Either regex or bs4

— Good luck with redex and emails tho

— Sigh. I'm never good at regex :(

— Lol 😆

— Hi, i am working with tempfile library and im wondering how to load a binary file into a NamedTemporaryFile

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— Holy shit, the deepcreampy project works