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December 2018

— It speeds up string processing if anything


Regex is just a pattern to find text or numbers, how on earth is that going to speed up python, the only logical thing would be instead if using iterators or built function to find something in python you would use a regular expression, but that’s not speeding up python, it’s just speeding up search

— Exactly

— Pointing people to google ur theories is not good, because it just shows ur spit talking. U need to know how to hold an argument, otherwise don’t even start one

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— And nuitka and pypy and numba and .

— I didn't start the argument you didn't even read the whole conversation plus I can suggest whatever I think is useful and to answer your question as I said I tested everything and when I said we can use regex as stated on example not for all before changing the knowledge sharing to "argument" try to think positive and share what you know there is a lot to talk about here in this group don't run for the argument okay just an advice this answer is for SonOfLars and Rajjix

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— Please how can I access my website under development from a computer that is on the Same Wi-Fi network as my computer

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— Thank you for your blissful advice.

— !offtopic

— Runserver on ip 0 + ifconfig to get ip

— It's a python website with django

— Thank you