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December 2018

β€” Then fix it


Guys i googled and found that it is possible to translate the whole code of python into c language afterthat it will launch like rocket?)

β€” CythonπŸ˜’

β€” Prove it baby 🀣

β€” Oh my gosh , really?

β€” Google it baby)

β€” Wait, so you think regex is a way to speed up python? Do you know what regex is?

β€” Have u read the article ?

β€” I have yes, but the question stands even without having read it

β€” You are aware that regex is for search patterns in strings and is in no way a way of speeding up python as you suggest here

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β€” And this point still stands. If you're going to use rust then you're not using python...?

It's like saying "oh best way to make java faster is to write it in c" yeah then you're not using java anymore

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β€” It speeds up string processing if anything