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December 2018

— It has a clean syntax focuses on the business logic rather than the syntax behind it plus you can do alot with it

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I wouldn't call it number one.

It's fast to prototype with it, has very little boilerplate code, and a lot of libraries, but that's it really

— How can I apply neutral network in time series data

— Please ping solutions or links direct to me

— Can speed it using rust

— I figured it out. This is what I am doing. Thank you. newstuffdict = []
for usernames in stuffdict.keys():

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— How I can start to Learning of python? Please how can help me

— Start off learning the basics. I recommend starting off with sololearn.

— Then that isn't python is it

— Thanks

— It is python you can use rust for speeding it only also regex is the other way but using rust is effective .... you know rust tho right?

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— What the fuck are you on about, using regex to speed up python