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December 2018

— Ty 😁


You can iterate thru all the keys values then append to one value say the second list append it to the first list

— Why do u suppose that i m wrong , java has jvm which barrier to launch rapidly

— ... Python is slooooooowww

— Https:// if you need some sort of proof, look at this.
Its only benchmarks, so doesn't represent any real world usage, but still - pretty conclusive results

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— Why python is num 1 in the world?😞

— C++

— Because it is awesome 😁

— It has a clean syntax focuses on the business logic rather than the syntax behind it plus you can do alot with it

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— I wouldn't call it number one.

It's fast to prototype with it, has very little boilerplate code, and a lot of libraries, but that's it really

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— How can I apply neutral network in time series data

— Please ping solutions or links direct to me