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December 2018

— So its complexity may depends on how you implement your count() function, and the algorithm you use


They are called «implementations» and they were build because people can and want 🤷🏻‍♂️
the «default» one is cpython

— Str = input ()
Index = Str.count ('b')

What's the complexity for this code?

— For time complexity it is o(1) i guess.. i am not sure

— Https://
you can analyze it yourself

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— 😄

— You can determine complexity by profiling maybe... But that's the easiest way,, measure the time your code takes to compute or output the answer

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— Would suggest Python, many paths like machine learning, deep learning open up

— -> (Pydroid 3 - Educational IDE for Python 3)
Version: 2.22_arm(40)
Updated on: 27-Sep-2018
Download size: 42.82MB
Downloads: 1,00,000+ downloads
Developer: IIEC
Developer email:
Developer address: Russia, Novosibirsk, Morskoy 62 - 15
Description: Pydroid 3 is the most easy to use and powerful educational Python 3 IDE for Android.Features:- Offline Python 3.6 interpreter: no Internet is required to run Python programs.- Pip package manager and a custom repository for prebuilt wheel packages for enhanced scientific libraries, such as numpy, scipy, matplotlib, scikit-learn and jupyter.- Examples available out-of-the-box for quicker learning.- Complete Tkinter support for GUI.- Full-featured Terminal Emulator, with a readline support (available in pip).- Built-in C, C++ and even Fortran compiler designed by n0n....

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— Try that

— Trying to make a responsive bot without any frameworks using webhooks. I am fimiliar with telegram api but this webhook thing is kinda tricky. Is there any experienced peeps that could maybe help me please?

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— I was hinting at an improvement, but you are just trolling 😜