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December 2018

— Okay bro


Omg i see there are more than python such as cython jython why so many of them , why were there composed ?😳

— Hmm

— From a string like "abcdef", if I use count (), then what will be the complexity O (1) or O (n)??

— Uh?

— There's not a function called count()

— So its complexity may depends on how you implement your count() function, and the algorithm you use

— They are called «implementations» and they were build because people can and want 🤷🏻‍♂️
the «default» one is cpython

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— Str = input ()
Index = Str.count ('b')

What's the complexity for this code?

— For time complexity it is o(1) i guess.. i am not sure

— Https://
you can analyze it yourself

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— 😄