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December 2018

— Do u mean there is no difference among them?


Hi ( i am from mechanical engineering background)

I wanted to learn pytjon for Data post processing for research paper presentation.

— He meant you need to stop asking about "better" and focus in working with what you feel comfortable

— However it is true that resourses are limited , for that it would be good idea to choose more fast working programming language

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— I dont know

— Look, php, python and js are different monsters, you'll chose any of those for a specific job, ok?

— Who told you it's better?

— No one

— Ok

— Then you have to use a «compiled» programming language instead of an interpreted one 🤷🏻‍♂️ just saying

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— Then why did you say « why pyhton is better than php and node js»?

— I know that c++ works faster than java,so that i thoughtpython is also rocket