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December 2018

— Running from .b import * in seemed to work but I don't think that is correct anyway


👍🙃😄😄 yeah but maybe i need to write same code 5-10 times brain can forget the codes but finger can't

— ðŸ™ƒyeah brother

— Can i share some free Python, IoT(4Parts), AI and Matlab courses here?

— Yes please

— Let the admin answer or else they may ban for sharing links

— Nice name

— Pm me the links

— Question. If I queried a db from an app to verify a license would that cause lag on a website?

— If I decided to host on a web site host?

— Not if you do it right

— So say I want to run an sqlite db on my site. Would I store that under non public files and write to it when the software is registered ?

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