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December 2018

— Yes, but it's still text and it's just two lines. You could just copy-paste them.


Https:// i am learning python from here. is it good idea ? or waste of time ?

— It's fine

— Found this np.set_printoptions(suppress=True,linewidth=np.nan,threshold=np.nan)

— I mean can i learn from basic to advance level from python documentation ?

— Yes

— Learn by doing, get a small project and start from 0. As you go you ll meet obstacles, key is to solve them.

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— Thanks 👍

— #ask
What good book for learning python bro...?

— Yeah ! i make small small script's like no. guessing game and very small AI interface like

user = input("what i ur name: ")
if name == "death":
print('well ok')
print('get out')

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— XD

— Oh ok dude 😅