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December 2018




Hey all i have an exe file located in a remote server,
im connecting to that server using paramiko sshclient,
this exe is taking me to a new enviroment how can i do that with paramiko sshclient,
the session suposse to be open and i need to intractive send commands and get their output.

or maybe i shoud use for that sftpclient or maybe with subprocess?

— Do what

— In other words i want to run exe with sshclient and go to where the exe 'taking me'

— Hi. Please, see the PythonRules before posting photos of screen next time.

— But what is problem in screen photos ? i am just asking 😊👍

— If anyone want to run your code they might need to ocr it (if possible)

— They are generally poor quality. Also nobody can copy the text out of them.

— It is command line not code

— Oh ! thanks both of you

— Teaser :]

— 😂 fuck