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December 2018

— How do I use this?



— Thx

— This is great but how come there is no way to do this in idle? Should be an option for whole output to resize according to size of the window

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— IDLE 🤷‍♂

— Rip :D

— Maybe... just maybe... and I'm thinking it is just maybe.... it's because nobody uses IDLE? so they don't need to implement more features to it? 🤔

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— So unfair. I like IDLe especially when Im making new thing and I can try diffrerent stuff inside idle before writing to file.

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— Just pull up a terminal and type python

— But don't feel sad... IDLE is open source, so you can contribute to it and add new features if you want 🤷🏻‍♂️

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— Yea, cant escape cmd

— Huh?