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December 2018

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Hi there, I am migrating a project from requirements.txt to Pipfile/pipenv.
I have some specific tests for Python > 3.4 which need a couple more packages.
I thought this was the approach:
aiohttp = {markers = "python_version>'3.4'",version = "*"}
but the result is that the installation fails when running with other Python versions.
pipenv.patched.notpip._internal.exceptions.UnsupportedPythonVersion: aiohttp requires Python '>=3.4.2' but the running Python is 2.7.12

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help me please, guys, how to take data from ajax and place it in a table? This is my search for bd django without reloading the page

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— Any idea how to change IDLE width so it doesn't breat long arrays?

— Break*

— textwrap

— And also, why'd you stick to IDLE?

— I tried everything and between Sublime, Spyder and IDLE I love idle dno why

— Tried 5-6

— Okay

— I think thats because I dont code much nor fast so idle is perfect

— How do I use this?