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December 2018

— Please help...


Hi, Can anybody recommend some tutorials for server log analysis? I need to develop a model for threat detection using server log analysis...

— Why do you need to call an admin? They are grumpy people

— And nobody likes them

— Still stuck... "nohup python param1 param2 & disown > script.log" should work?

— Maybe, just try bits of code and add one after another

— I'm using
"["nohup", "python", "/home/PATH/", user_data['Symbol'], user_data['Asset'], user_data['Stop loss price'], user_data['Buy price'], user_data['Target 1'], user_data['Target 2'], user_data['Target 3'], "&", "disown", ">", log_filename], shell=False)" but doesnt work

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— Have you tried doing it in console first?

— Nop... going to try now! I'm a beginner 😅

— Fuck WHY

— First learn how to do it the usual way and when it works you can put it into a python script

— Steps