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December 2018

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Hi guys! Here is my problem:
I built a telegram bot that can run a python script with parameters on my server. I'm using "nohup python param1 param2 & > script.log" but my bot is waiting the end of to continue... Is there a way to avoid that? To run in the background and keep the bot working? Also can I run the same python script several times with different parameters simultaneously?

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— Hello guys, I have a question related to python asyncio. I have a timer class which should be removed from list of timers when timer expires. How can I avoid getting task was destroyed but it is still pending exception?

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— Thanks!! I'll look for it! Is it to run the script on the background or to run simultaneously the same script with different parameters?

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— Background enables to call the script one after another

— Add it at the end of each call

— To run simultaneusly backgrounding is required

— Hello, today I partially solved my problem, I had a problem with the conclusion on the page

— Thanks! I'll try 👍😁

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